Sanibel Island Real Estate

Sanibel Island possesses some of the most beautiful and unique environments in the world. Not surprisingly, Sanibel’s real estate market includes some of the finest homes and condos anywhere. Residential property for sale on Sanibel Island typically offers a mix of elegant design and a relaxed atmosphere, while blending in with the island’s natural beauty.

Because Sanibel is such a special place there continues to be a steady demand for condominiums and houses for sale on Sanibel Island. Sanibel real estate is prized. As Sanibel’s number one exclusive buyer agent and a Sanibel & Captiva Islands Specialist I can assist you in finding your island home.

Our Island

Sanibel is a barrier island sanctuary with a year round population of just over 6,500 people. It is reached by a three (3) mile long causeway connecting it to Fort Myers, Florida. 67% of the land is conserved for wildlife and natural habitats. Sanibel’s shell and white sand beaches stretch for over 15 miles and the island is listed as one of the top three shelling islands in the world.

Scenic shared-use paths make the island accessible by bike or foot. Nature preserves and the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge provide miles of hiking or biking through abundant wildlife. You can canoe or kayak through Tarpon Bay and unspoiled waterways which are home to dolphins, otters, manatees and hundreds of birds. Sanibel is known for its superior bird watching and is a destination for avid birders from around the world. Arthur Frommer, the founder of Frommer’s Travel Guides named Sanibel Island as his favorite worldwide destination beating out Paris!

Sanibel Cultural Atmosphere

As well as being an island sanctuary, Sanibel Island offers a rich diversity of culture from art galleries & museums to concerts and theatre, in addition to golf and tennis. At the end of the day island style nightlife includes a variety of cafes, bistros & restaurants.

The natural beauty and the rich but relaxed cultural atmosphere make Sanibel’s real estate market some of the most coveted real estate in the country. Travel writer Paul Theroux says of Sanibel that “in my heart and mind, Sanibel is a very special place with its sunshine and sense of well-being. There is an aura of health and optimism here.”

Protecting Sanibel’s Natural Habitats & Beauty

The City of Sanibel incorporated in 1974 in order to protect the island from rampant development and to preserve its natural beauty. Sanibel residents had seen the mistakes that other coastal communities made by developing too intensely and were determined that Sanibel would not suffer the same fate. Working together as a community they formulated a nationally recognized comprehensive land-use plan, called The Sanibel Report, which was based upon the preservation of the beaches, mangroves and wetlands.

In 1995 and 1996 the citizens of Sanibel reaffirmed their commitment to the preservation of these fragile resources and adopted a vision statement that reads in part as follows:

“Sanibel is and shall remain a barrier island sanctuary, one in which a diverse population lives in harmony with the island’s wildlife and natural habitats…Sanibel is and shall remain a small town community whose members choose to live in harmony with one another and with nature; creating a human settlement distinguished by its diversity, beauty, uniqueness, character and stewardship… The Sanibel community recognizes that its attractiveness to visitors is due to the island’s quality as sanctuary and as community…This three-part statement of the community’s vision of its future is a hierarchy; one in which the dominant principle is Sanibel’s sanctuary quality. Sanibel shall be developed as a community only to the extent to which it retains and embraces this quality of sanctuary. Sanibel will serve as attraction only to the extent to which it retains its desired qualities as sanctuary and community.”

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