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Sanibel Real Estate Market and Sanibel Real Estate Agents

Sanibel’s real estate market is moving forward. For 2018 closed sales, as well as average sale prices increased over 2017 for both single family homes and condominiums. National headlines about a “hot” or slowing real estate market are not referring to Sanibel. Our market is steady and appreciating gradually. This means that patience and in-depth market knowledge are required to find the best deal possible. As an exclusive buyer agent I have both and will use them on your behalf.

More than ever a buyer needs an agent who understands this market!

Buying property is an investment. The profit on this investment is made when you buy, not when you sell. Your choice of Realtor will be an important first step in making that profit.

Sanibel Island realtors that describe themselves as a buyer’s agent, but list property and also represent sellers have divided loyalties. They are transactional agents, not an exclusive buyer agent. If you want to buy a home or other property in Florida and you want your needs to be fully represented by your Realtor, you need to work with an exclusive buyer agent.

I am an exclusive buyer agent, Sanibel & Captiva Islands Specialist and Broker Associate. I represent real estate buyers and investors for Sanibel Island and Captiva Island real estate. My agency, Buyer’s Choice Realty Group, Inc. is the ONLY Exclusive Buyer Agency (EBA) on Sanibel or Captiva Island.

As a former attorney with more than twenty years of legal experience I am an expert negotiator who will work exclusively to achieve the best result for you, the real estate buyer. As your advocate, I’m at your side, negotiating the lowest purchase price, safeguarding your interests and managing the real estate buying transaction through to closing.

So, remember: To protect your interests look for an Exclusive Buyer Agent so you can be confident your Realtor is giving you their undivided loyalty.

"His initial visit sold us on what he had to offer: tremendous knowledge of the Sanibel-Captiva area; a commitment to work solely on our behalf; immense honesty and integrity...but with the wisdom to guide us astutely and professionally in a significant personal investment decision."

George and Nancy
Toronto, Canada

"The best thing we did was to work with an exclusive buyer agent. Mike Badenoch and Buyer's Choice Realty represented our interests 100% of the time."

Larry and Nancy
Monkton, MD

“Mike Badenoch with Buyer’s Choice Realty Group, Inc. is just the agent to ask for. He’s got expert knowledge regarding the area.”

Fred and Barbara
Sanibel, Florida

“Mike has been our surrogate support and we can’t say enough about how at ease and comfortable we have been knowing he is representing our interest every step of the way, always going beyond the call of duty to assist us.”

George and Nancy
Toronto, Canada

“He truly cares about what is best for his clients. We appreciate his professional legal background mixed with his casual Florida style. We highly recommend Mike to anyone wishing to purchase property on Sanibel or anywhere in Southwest Florida.”

Barb and Bob
St. Louis, MO

“Mike’s knowledge of the real estate market, his legal background, and his honesty made the transaction go smoothly and took a lot of worry off our shoulders. This was especially appreciated when we were 1500 miles away and working on the settlement.”

Larry and Nancy
Monkton, MD

“We all want the wisest deal possible and Mike, as a true buyer’s agent, entirely concerned himself with our interest. And it paid off handsomely”

George and Nancy
Toronto, Canada

“So far we have purchased two properties through Mike and we are still looking to see what else may come on the market.”

Larry and Nancy
Monkton, MD

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